Welcome to The Shore Sky Tower

A truly captivating experience awaits visitors to overview the city of Melaka. At 43nd floor, it is the one of the tallest man-made structure in Melaka City and offers breathtaking views for up to 50 kilometers in every direction.

Walking around the roof, the perimeter fencing of the deck is constructed from glass so you able to see through it. With the telescope provided, you can easily spot the view of the Melaka City. Besides that, for more thrills and excitement, you can spot the view under your foot with glass flooring at Sky Deck. Moreover, Skyscrapers that providing a truly unique experience with amazing 360° panoramas view of the city and beyond.


The Shore Sky Tower is one of Melaka's most exhilarating and spectacular tourist attractions, you will be amazed at what you can see and do under one roof!